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As Americans, we are fortunate to have certain civil rights that cannot be taken away from us. The knowledge that all men are created equal is nothing new. Educating citizens about their civil rights and ensuring that they remain firmly protected is often challenging.

Prison Rights Attorneys To Uphold Your Civil Liberties

Though the rights and privileges of prisoners are not the same as those living freely, it does not mean that prisoners are without civil liberties. When an individual is jailed or imprisoned, the government takes responsibility for that individual's health and well-being. If a family member or loved one has died as the result of negligence or physical abuse while imprisoned, the government and the individuals involved in the death are responsible. Should you find yourself imprisoned in an abusive or neglectful environment, do not hesitate to seek outside help. Inmates are not without rights, including the right to be safe from cruel or unusual punishment.

While you are serving time for a crime, you should not be doubly punished. Jail abuse and neglect takes many forms and defining it can be challenging. However, it is the responsibility of the guards, warden and other prison personnel to keep all prisoners healthy and safe from harm. Allowing a prisoner to get assaulted by others is a form of jail abuse. Allowing a prisoner to go without medical care when they are obviously very ill, is neglect. None of these practices are legal.

Please call a trustworthy attorney right away if you suspect that you or a loved one may be suffering from prison rights violations. Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation and can offer you valuable advice concerning your case. It is crucial that the inmate very carefully follows the prison grievance system if they have been wronged. Very often, that requires filing a written grievance within days of the event and then following all appeals available. Additionally, once all appeals are exhausted, the inmate only has 30 days to file a lawsuit.

Civil Rights Attorneys Against Police Misconduct

It is your civil right to be safe from police misconduct. This seems like an obvious statement, especially when you consider that American police officers take a vow to protect and serve the public. However, not all police are entirely wholesome, friendly and helpful. Some police officers commit terrible crimes. Police misconduct ranges in severity, but the effects on the victims are always traumatic. Who can you trust if not your local police? Examples of police misconduct include:

  • Dishonesty and false statements.
  • Torture in the attempt to force a confession.
  • Brutality without just cause.
  • Sexual assault as a means of punishment.

Police officers are entrusted with a sacred duty. When they commit acts or crimes that directly violate that duty to protect and serve, they are guilty of police misconduct. Should you ever encounter a police officer that is being unduly hostile, be sure to get his or her badge number, name and license plate number. If the officer refuses to provide this information, you can choose to inform the officer that you are taking their picture. If the officer refuses to allow this, or if they take your device away, you can still seek legal action.

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The attorneys at Hutchison & Foreman, PLLC have an abundance of experience when it comes to fighting for civil liberties. If you are wrongfully arrested or convicted, or the victim of police misconduct, contact one of our adept attorneys right away by calling 817-336-5533 or sending an email to initiate a consultation. We have offices in Lubbock and Fort Worth, and we serve clients in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

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