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What Our Clients Say About Us

“My late mother found Susan Hutchison for me at a time in my life I really needed help. When nobody else would fight for the injustice done to me, Mrs. Hutchison went straight to work. Not only has she kept me in the loop from the beginning, but she also showed care and concern for my family as well. Lots of things have happened in my life, and one of the best was when I was introduced to the people who would fight for the rights of the underdog.” - Daniel Taylor

“If you are looking for an attorney with ethics, integrity and brains, look no further than Susan Hutchison. She has helped me with the utmost dedication to solve the issues I am dealing with in regards to a former employer. I highly recommend her to anyone that seeks justice and resolution to the problems that plague today’s corporate and private workplaces. She is determined to make things right, and is an excellent attorney to have in your corner when you really need one.”  - Jeffrey Moss

“Susan Hutchison helped me and my family when we felt completely helpless. I had an employer terminate me and file a lawsuit against me that was baseless. I was left unemployed with a child on the way and my wife and I had no idea what to do. I frantically asked around for advice on legal counsel, and someone who I trust very much led me to Susan. Susan throughout my entire case was brilliant. The opposing counsel seemed to not even know what hit them. I watched her go toe to toe with against three lawyers by herself in one hearing, and come out of the hearing having my previous employer admit on the stand that he had no evidence to prove any claims. Susan won my case, best attorney imaginable.” -Anonymous

“Dear Susan, I wanted to take a moment and let you and your wonderful staff at Hutchison & Foreman know how much I appreciate your professionalism, communication, expertise, and compassion. When I came into your office the first time I was treated with respect and was made to feel that I was the most important client you had. It is a difficult thing and very emotional having to enlist the help of an attorney in a matter like an employment issue, however I knew from day one that you and your staff had my best interests in mind, and I was not just another case. Susan, thank you and thank you Julie for being there for me!” - Kevan A. Mott

“After a search for the best legal help, I asked Susan to represent me as she was a top rated Texas attorney in her field and was highly thought of by peers. She let me know in advance how the process works which would make anyone more comfortable in what is normally an unsettling event. Susan is very knowledgeable and kept me grounded during our process. By that I mean that during our preparation she often role played the other side so I would understand what is actually most important in a case, not just what I thought was important. I would highly recommend Susan as legal representation.” - Anonymous

“Susan, I wanted to express my gratitude in writing for the outstanding legal service you and your team provided. Your preparation and frequent personal communication with all parties resulted in a very quick settlement, achieving the outcome I wanted when we first discussed my case. (Win/Win) Your professionalism throughout this case has been greatly appreciated, and is a referral I’m gladly passing on to others.” - Anonymous

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