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Attorney for Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, & More

Most American adults have little choice but to work. We rely on our jobs for the income we all need to get by in life. Having your career negatively affected by an unfair and unlawful situation in the workplace that is beyond your control can be devastating. Perhaps you found information that made you feel morally obligated to blow the whistle, and now you have been terminated, or perhaps you suspect that you were discriminated against for your race or are being sexually harassed. Whatever the situation is, you may have legal recourse.

At Hutchison & Foreman, PLLC, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of workers in Lubbock and throughout the state of Texas. While it may feel as if the power balance is solidly in favor of your employer, this does not need to be the case. Depending on the facts of your case, we may be able to provide you with legal remedies that can effectively undo the financial damage you have suffered as a result of your employer's wrongful actions. We will keep up our fight until the injustices have faced at work are fully resolved.

Texas Wrongful Termination Attorney

Texas is an at-will employment state, meaning an employee can be terminated for almost any reason, or even no reason at all. However, there are certain legal protections in place to prevent people from losing their jobs for certain unjust retaliatory or discriminatory reasons. For example, workers cannot be terminated for blowing the whistle on dangerous or illegal conduct or based on their membership in a protected class. If you have been wrongfully terminated, we may be able to help recover lost income and more.

Employment Discrimination Claims Lawyer in Lubbock

Employers may not discriminate against employees based on age, sex and sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin, or disability. If you believe that adverse action has been taken against you due to an inherent and immutable trait, you have likely suffered workplace discrimination, and you may have recourse. While proving an employer's discriminatory motivation can be challenging, it can often be done.

Law Firm Protecting Whistleblowers

Alerting authorities to an unlawful or dangerous practice in your place of work takes courage and moral strength. Unfortunately, whistleblowers often face unlawful retaliation, such as being fired. If you were retaliated against after blowing the whistle, we can help. Our lawyers will enforce any state or federal whistleblower protection law that is available to you.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney

No one should have to tolerate sexual harassment while they are trying to work. Sexual harassment may include actions like unwanted touching or groping or making explicitly sexual remarks to a coworker. It may also appear in quid pro quo form, where an employee is expected to engage in sexual activity with a supervisor or manager in order to advance their career. Our attorneys will aggressively fight to prevent further harassment and get you compensated for the pain you have already endured.

Legal Protection From a Hostile Workplace

When your entire workplace has become so hostile toward you that you have come to dread the type of illegal discrimination or unethical treatment you will face when you go in to work every day, you may be in a hostile work environment. You do not need to merely tolerate the situation and hope for it to get better. There are actions you can take now to stop the hostility. While you may want to seek a job elsewhere, taking legal action can prevent you from facing hardship while you do so.

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At Hutchison & Foreman, PLLC, we are here to advocate for workers who have been treated unlawfully and unfairly by their employers. If you are facing troubles in the workplace for one of these reasons, we may be able to offer immediate legal assistance. To arrange a free consultation, call us at 817-336-5533 or send an email via our secure contact form. We have locations in Fort Worth and Lubbock.

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