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Have You Been Arrested Or Otherwise Charged With A Crime?

When you have been arrested or otherwise charged with a crime, the first step is: don’t panic! While no one wishes to be handcuffed, arrested, fingerprinted and have their mugshot released to the internet, there are certain things you need to remember if you find yourself in this unsavory situation.

  1. You have the right to remain silent. That means you don’t have to answer questions, you don’t have to talk, and you don’t even need to speak in order to identify yourself because you can do that by handing a copy of your driver’s license to the officers who are asking you the questions. While you are required to identify yourself, you may do so silently in the manner just described.
  2. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Why would you want to help the officers convict you? Why would you want to give the officers evidence to use against yourself? If you forget that you are presumed innocent, please remember step number one above.
  3. You have a right to reasonable bail. This is often where the first or second mistake is made by clients who find themselves in the county lockup. We understand that you want to get out of the city or county jail as quickly as possible however, bail money is like an insurance premium. Once paid, it is never retrievable. Oftentimes, in as short a time period as within 24-48 hours, bail can be reduced at substantial savings to you.
  4. Hire a board-certified lawyer quickly and call as soon as you possibly can. Many clients think they will wait and see if they can get a court appointed lawyer, not realizing that it takes quite a bit of time and that court appointed lawyers are generally reserved for indigent defendants. Additionally, clients are under the mistaken assumption that they can make bail and still be assigned a court appointed lawyer. This is not the case in many counties.
  5. Let your lawyer guide you. You are more than likely going to hire a specialist if you need a particular surgery or medical procedure. You should do the same thing with regard to a criminal specialist in defense of a case that could result in you spending a great deal of time, perhaps even life, in prison. Take your lawyer’s advice and allow your lawyer to guide you through the maze of landmines that await a single misstep.
  6. Know your rights: Whether you were charged with a misdemeanor such as a DWI or a felony murder, you must know your rights to ensure you are afforded these rights and that your fundamental constitutional rights are protected. We handle all levels of criminal cases in state and federal courts in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Missouri. When your rights need protecting, you need the experts at Hutchison & Foreman, PLLC, on your side.

Negotiation With The District Attorney May Or May Not Be Productive

The complex field of plea negotiations is one fraught with peril for the unwary. Some cases deserve a reasonable plea agreement and yet do not receive them. Some cases are tougher to imagine a reasonable plea agreement being offered and yet one is extended. While other cases simply demand to be tried by a jury. The trouble is the criminal accused isn’t likely to be the one to select which option is chosen for their case. Many factors determine if a plea bargain will even be offered and at what cost to the criminally accused.

Whether your case is right for a plea bargain or a jury trial is something that you should carefully consider with your full disclosure to your advocate and your advocate’s sage advice and recommendation. Regardless of the outcome, the choice is solely yours. However, this choice needs to be tempered with reason, factual analysis, legal analysis and wisdom from your advocate.

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Defending yourself in a criminal lawsuit takes time and commitment to the process. Criminal cases are complex. Attorney S. Rafe Foreman has many years of experience and is a compassionate advocate. He is board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in the area of criminal trial law. Attorney Foreman understands how difficult it may seem to commit to a process that has an uncertain outcome. He will answer your questions, help you make informed decisions and protect your rights. Call Hutchison & Foreman at 817-336-5533 or send an email through this secure website to initiate a free case evaluation.